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“Tekanewa Scripts by Kraut Coding” is a small independent website developer, focusing mainly on standalone JavaScript/jQuery scripts and WordPress plugins and add-ons. All “Tekanewa Scripts by Kraut Coding” products are exclusively on sale on CodeCanyon, an online marketplace for developers, such as us.

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Add-On for Visual Composer

Composium – Visual Composer Extensions Addon

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“Composium – Visual Composer Extensions Addon” includes 140+ beautiful new elements, to be used with your Visual Composer; each individual element and feature can be completely disabled in the plugin settings if you do not need it, saving server and memory load. But that’s not all – you will also get some new custom post types to be used with some elements; all custom post types can also be disabled individually if you do not want to use them. By giving you total control over which elements should be loaded in the first place, you can create your own custom set of elements to be used.

Add-On for Visual Composer

Tablenator – Advanced Tables for Visual Composer

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Creating tables for Visual Composer has never been easier. With an advanced table editor in a spreadsheet format, you will be able to easily and quickly provide your table data.

The dedicated element for Visual Composer, or the built-in shortcode generator, will then allow you to embed your table anywhere on your site, while giving you full control over table features and scope.

Add-On for Visual Composer

Google Maps PLUS for Visual Composer

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Did you ever want to created advanced Google Maps, using multiple markers, overlays, different map styles, and other features the very basic Google Maps element that is already part of Visual Composer does not allow you to do? Then we have the solution for you! With “Google Maps PLUS for Visual Composer“, you can do all that, and more. Style each marker independently, use a full tinyMCE editor to provide the marker content, import markers via external JSON file, add circles, rectangles, polylines and/or polygons as overlay to your map, group markers and provide a filter option … we got you covered for all of that!

Manage all UserPro Shortcodes in VC

UserPro Shortcode Elements for Visual Composer

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This is an add-on for the popular page builder plugin “Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress“, providing easy to use elements to manage shortcodes for another 3rd party plugin “UserPro – User Profiles with Social Login“. This add-on provides dedicated elements for Visual Composer that give you access to all shortcode settings UserPro allows for, while grouping those settings into easy to understand tabs and automatically hiding the settings that don’t apply based on other settings.

Create an interactive Changelog

Release & Changelog Manager WP

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The “Release & Changelog Manager WP” is a premium plugin for WordPress, allowing authors, developers, sellers and everybody else that needs to keep track of changes to a product, to provide customers with a detailed and informative changelog. Although this plugin includes dedicated elements for the popular page builder plugin “Visual Composer”, “Release & Changelog Manager WP” is a standalone plugin without any 3rd party dependencies, any required dependencies are already included with the plugin.