Welcome to the “jQuery Flickr Gallery”

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Script Features

  • Multitude of different settings to enable or disable included features
  • Either pull all albums (but exclude the ones you don’t want), predefine the albums you want to be shown or show one single album directly
  • Pagination Feature (smart pagination, set number of thumbnails per page, set number of pages or no pagination)
  • LazyLoad Feature for thumbnails (will only load images when thumbnails are in view)
  • Social share feature for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and StumbleUpon
  • Includes a tool-tip plugin (ToolTipster) with several design options; although it is possible to use your own tool-tip solution
  • Includes four optional lightbox plugins (fancyBox, photoBox, colorBox and prettyPhoto)
  • Exclude individual images from being shown
  • Possible to translate it into any other language by using provided setting parameters
  • Select between a responsive (fluid width) or static layout (fixed width)
  • Dedicated mobile layout for mobile devices
  • Option to disable gallery on tablet and/or cell phone devices and show message instead
  • Optional two-directional (asc. / desc.) album sorting feature (name / number of images / date album created / date album last updated)
  • Smart filter option to filter albums and photos by age groups
  • Search Feature to search for albums by keywords
  • Set initial sorting direction and sorting criteria
  • Option for floating control bar that follows the user while scrolling through the album selection
  • Option to show dates in “from now” format (i.e. “2 days ago”) instead of standard date format
  • Optional logs (in console) for better debugging (i.e. number of albums or photos retrieved, error codes, etc.)
  • … and much more!


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