Full-Feature Map in Full Width

External Marker / Overlay Triggers

You can even trigger a marker or overlay from page content outside of the map itself. Click on Show Marker, or on Show Overlay to go directly to those map locations. Check the manual for more information about how to achieve such external controls.

Full Width Map Layout

Provided your theme is flexible enough, the map can be set to use the full width of the available main content section, without creating any white space on the left or right side.

In a boxed theme layout, like this site is using, the map will take the full width of the content box. On non-boxed themes, the map will take the full width of the screen.

The width of the map in relation to the overall theme layout can be controlled by adjusting the so-called “Full-Width Breakouts” parameter, which controls to how many parent elements in the page’s DOM structure the map should attempt to adjust to.

  • Multiple markers
  • Markercluster
  • Multiple overlays (polygon + polyline)
  • Custom infowindow style
  • Marker / overlay group filter
  • Option to select marker directly
  • Search for any address or coordinates
  • Custom map style
  • Map style selector
  • Traffic, bicycle, and transit layer option
  • Home button to reset map
  • Pan control buttons
  • Button to enable/disable map dragging feature
  • External marker/overlay trigger support
  • Additional marker/overlay listing below map