Google Map with Live Listener Mode

The map “live listener” mode should not be used for the final version of your map that you want to present to your site visitors, although you are of course free to do so anyway. Due to extensive event listeners, the map can be taxing on some browsers. But the “live listener” mode can be really helpful when building your map markers or overlays, as it can help you in determining coordinates or addresses. The “Live Listener” mode will not be available on mobile devices.

How to use the "Live Listener" Mode

When the map is set to “Live Listener mode”, it will track all mouse movement and clicks that are done on the map, automatically calculating the GPS coordinates for the mouse position. Anytime a mouse click is detected on the map, a new marker will be generated for that location, with an automated infowindow that includes the GPS coordinates, and if available, an address. Markers created that way can also be dragged around the map, and coordinates and address will be updated accordingly. In order to remove a marker that has been set while in “Live Listener Mode”, simply make a double click on the marker, and it will be removed.

Mouse Position: N/A   Map Center: N/A
Mouse Tile: N/A Map NE: N/A
Mouse Pixels: N/A Map SW: N/A
Mouse Click Coordinates: N/A Map Zoom: N/A
Mouse Click Address (Approximated): N/A